About the project

The main objectives of the project “Science for Business and Society” – improvement of the environment for dissemination of scientific and technological knowledge, encouraging cooperation of science and business in the area of scientific research and technological development, promoting of new technologies and innovations, developing of creativity in society, especially among youth.

Project is implemented by:

  • Institute of the Lithuanian Scientific Society
  • Institute of Mathematics and Informatics
  • Applied Research Institute for Prospective Technologies (ProTech)
  • Institute of Theoretical Physics and Astronomy of Vilnius University
  • Institute of Labour and Social Research

It is widely recognized that problem of particular importance in Lithuania is poor interaction between science and business communities. Previous instruments of such interactions became obsolete, while new ones, taking advantages of modern communication technologies, are poorly developed yet.

As a result, receptivity of scientific innovations in business remains low, researchers also lack guidelines as what issues are most urgent for businesses and may significantly impact labour productivity and economic growth.

This problem can be briefly described as follows: the scientific community is becoming increasingly closed from the business community, scientific community goals, addressed challenges and their importance are becoming increasingly difficult to understand, and, as a consequence, this work receives less public support and less business requests for the searches of practical R&D applications.

This project seeks to extend portal Science Plus (mokslasplius.lt) with aim to disseminate scientific information, targeting Lithuanian businesses, especially innovative small and medium-sized enterprises, thus making the portal an effective platform for dissemination of technological and scientific knowledge, and cooperation, including international.

The portal, in addition to already existing materials, will include these parts:

  • Scientific and technology news, inventions
  • Multimedia for Business
  • IT Training
  • ICT dictionary
  • Experiments: coherent optical models
  • Models of competition and conflicts in economics and business processes
  • Technological audits for knowledge-receptive businesses
  • Results of research study in the area of science and business cooperation

Wes hope that this project will benefit innovative companies (or ones that are willing to become innovative), especially small and medium, seeking EU support, also scientists, researchers, teachers and students, as well as anyone looking for effective interaction between science and business, or just interested in innovations, scientific progress.


Project number: VP2-1.4-ŪM-03-K-01-019