fDi Intelligence: Lithuania – example of FDI attraction

Lithuania is a country that is an example of the successful foreign direct investment (FDI) atrraction. This has been announced in the annual review “Global FDI Outlook Report 2011” by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development prepared in cooperation with the fDi Intelligence of The Financial Times, Invest Lithuania agancy reprted on 13 May.

The review says that last year was positive in terms of FDI attraction for most countries in Eastern Europe. It notes that Lithuania performed very well, with FDI project numbers up 52 %. According to the analysts, small countries like Lithuania and Estonia are much more flexible in attracting investment, as they make decisions faster.

According to the report, although the number of global FDI projects declined by 17 % in 2009 and 0.39 % in 2010, it seems that the situation has been stabilizing. Around 1/3 of global FDI has gone to business and financial services, whereas industrial investment has also been on the rise (21 % growth in 2010).

The FDI flow in Lithuania in 2010 increased nearly four-fold compared with 2009, Statistics Lithuania has reported.

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