Manufuture 2013

The conference is the annual event of the European Technology Platform on Future Manufacturing Technologies (ETP ManuFuture). The main focus of the event will be to express the views of the ETP ManuFuture community on Horizon 2020 – the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (2014–2020).

The conference MANUFUTURE 2013 is planned for the second half of Lithuania's Presidency of the Council of the European Union (EU) in autumn 2013. The conference will thus serve as a forum for stakeholders from industry, universities, research institutions and government discuss the possibilities on how to better put Horizon 2020 and respective national initiatives into operation.

At the conference, leaders and specialists from the EU engineering industry and the field of science will discuss Horizon 2020, the new Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, and the best ways to approach its implementation while promoting innovation of the EU engineering industry, sustainable development and competitiveness in 2014-2020. In the discussions and the speeches made by European Commission, business and science representatives, special attention will be given to the increase in efficiency of EU regional and national RTD support tools through their mutual synergy and the national and regional smart specialisation of the countries.

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