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Previously on Physics of Risk we have already discussed the Ising model, which is one of the most fundamental models in statistical physics. We are especially interested in Isingo model as it is frequently applied to model social systems. One of such examples is the Bornholdt model of the financial markets.

This time we will consider a modification of Ising model, which describes disordered magnet (a so-called spin glass). In this text we will briefly cover the essential feature of spin glasses as well as provide interactive HTML5 applet of the spin glasses. Continue reading “Spin glass model”

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Ising model is a generalized mathematical model of feromagnetism in statistical physics. In this model particles having magnetic spin are put inside vertices of graph. In general case structure of graph can vary alot, but in the ussuall case selection is limited to the lattices of different dimensions. Behavior of such system is observed at different temperature in the quest to find critical temperature at which phase shift occurs. If you want to familarize yourself more with Ising model and it’s various interpretations, you should read [1, 2] works, because in this text we will only consider one possible, numerical, algorithm – heat bath algorithm.
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